ACADEMA - Company Activities

Software development:

Geographic information systems (GIS)
Statical Analysis of Civil Engineering Structures (CAE)
Computer Simulation of 3D Space: Terrain + Objects
Internet/Intranet Applications

Main GIS and CAE Products:

AVIATOR, tools and components to develop complex GIS applications
ACADEMA Server, J2EE Server + Model Driven Achitecture + Formal Logic, On UNIX (Linux) or Windows Platform, J2EE Standard, Rule Engine, OR Mapping, Logical Transactions, OLAP, Geometry Direct Draw From DataBase, GIS Functions, 400 Users On Just One PC, Postgres & Oracle Support, All WEB Browsers Support, ...
PCBCAD, statical analysis of prestressed concrete bridges

Technical Background

Civil Engineering
Mechanics of Structures
NC Machining
Storage, Fabrication and Transportation of Materials and Products

Software Engineering Background

Numerical Analysis
Geometric Modeling
Visualisation Methods
Huge Database Design - SQL
Optimization Methods
Computer Graphics
Parallel Processing
Distributed Systems


Company Name:ACADEMA Ltd.
Address:Tržaška cesta 132, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Legal Status:Limited liability company


Company activities - overview (approx. 14MB)
Application Server - Product overview
Schema PN (approx. 5MB)

New Aviator Client Demo Under development!

Ljubljana - test case
Slovenija - test case
WMS client with online transformation - one source
WMS client with online transformation - multiple sources